The Importance of Workplace Mentoring

the importance of mentoring

Mentoring already takes place in the vast majority of organizations, but in many of these cases the focus is on informal mentoring. Learn why implementing a more formal approach to mentoring will benefit your organization.

Why All Employees Benefit From Leadership Training

Leadership Training Benefits All Employees

All Employees Benefit—and Yours Will, Too! A common misconception and problem at many companies is the thought that leadership training should be targeted towards leaders, or at worst, at employees who are one step away from a leadership role within the organization. It’s an understandable mistake to make, but it does indicate that there is […]

Keep Virtual Teams Engaged

keeping virtual teams engaged

Let’s review a few ways to keep virtual teams engaged, invested, and productive—not just during these unprecedented times, but also as we emerge from lockdowns and embrace a greater understanding and appreciation for those engaged in work outside the office.

Virtual Leadership. The New Normal?

Virtual Leadership

FLI highlights key traits that lead to good virtual leadership. While many of these characteristics mirror keys to office-based leadership, the importance of some of them is heightened when managing a virtual workforce.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Man and child at computer showing work life balance

Companies that promote and nurture good work-life balance will more likely have greater retention of employees, greater productivity, and a happier and more positive workplace environment.