Human Resources Solutions Courses

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This course emphasizes active listening, identifying and verifying interests and needs, and brainstorming “win-wins” to negotiate solutions. Participants actively engage in a series of work group exercises, using real-world dispute scenarios; innovative conflict resolution techniques and methods are proposed, evaluated, and put into practice. Specific attention is placed on the effective use of alternate methods to resolve disputes in the workplace, present before third parties, and defuse conflicts that develop between parties to a contract.

In this course, participants will learn to: understand the nature of conflict, identify conflict management approaches, recognize personal preferences in dealing with conflict, and assess the best approach for various situations involving conflict. The ability to apply Emotional Intelligence in recognizing and dealing with conflict, will be discussed, as well as, establishing team expectations for interactions to reduce conflict, and preventing conflict when delivering, or receiving, critical feedback.

This course teaches interest-based bargaining: framing negotiation as joint problem-solving to resolve each party’s underlying issues, needs, and concerns. The process works by encouraging the parties to focus on interests, not positions, and use communication and innovative thinking to identify superior solutions. The course conveys both the theory and practice of a systematic approach to bargaining by exploring how to: achieve better technical solutions, increase the likelihood of compliance, and improve the parties’ working relationship. The training will provide realistic simulation exercises to allow participants to practice what they learn.

This course teaches strategies to help you transform even the most difficult circumstances into satisfying experiences. It details techniques for discerning the 10 recognizable difficult behaviors and helps students cultivate 9 “take charge” skills that turn conflict into cooperation. The training reviews basic principles of human, with emphasis on what motivates difficult people and how to handle their behaviors. You will learn how to clarify their underlying issues, and acquire skillful questioning and listening techniques to elicit reasons for their behavior.

Are you looking to create a safe and respectful environment for your employees? Free of sexual harassment and a safe place for all employees? Sexual harassment is in the media and it can become an embarrassment to those who ignore their employee’s request for help. This workshop is designed to help the leadership to create more harmony, safety, and respect in the workplace.