Intro to Trauma-Sensitive Instruction for Teachers and Educators

Designed for Teachers and Educators of all grade levels and modes of education, this workshop will teach participants how they can confidently lead and meaningfully support not just trauma-impacted students, but ALL students, and foster trauma-informed classrooms.


The impact of trauma on learning can be significant and long lasting. In this introductory virtual workshop, participants will learn how they can confidently and meaningfully support not just trauma-impacted students, but ALL students, and foster trauma-informed classrooms and schools. This workshop will provide foundational insight into what educators can do to help build resilience, cope with adverse situations, and help students achieve at high levels.

Course Format

This live virtual workshop is offered in a Zoom webinar format with frequent breakout opportunities for participants to discuss the content and deepen their understanding of it in small groups.

  • Session Duration: 2 hours
  • Maximum attendees per session: 40
  • Private Group Sessions Available: Yes

Who Should Attend?

  • Teachers & Educators, All Grade Levels
  • School Leaders and Administrators
  • Anyone Involved or Interested in the Field of Education


  • Overview of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & trauma
  • Overview of the original ACEs study, current issues/situation impacting childhood trauma
  • Impacts of trauma on the brain, the reduction of executive function when under stress and trauma, complex trauma, and other factors impacting cognition and problem-solving related to trauma
  • Impacts of trauma on us as educators
  • Trauma-sensitive Classroom Structures and Practices


  • Understanding of childhood trauma and the impact traumatic experiences have on learners
  • Understanding of the development of and importance of a trauma-informed attitude and mindset by educators
  • Awareness of the factors that impact student resilience and how to assist teachers in gaining this awareness
  • Awareness of classroom structures that support trauma-sensitive practices
  • Understanding of how to support teachers in gaining a trauma-sensitive mindset and assisting them in implementing trauma-sensitive practices in their classrooms

Featured Instructor

John Eller, Ph.D.

John EllerDr. John Eller’s experience spans a wide variety of roles and leadership in many organizations. He utilizes his experiences as a school principal, a school district leader, a leadership center director, and the director of a doctoral program in educational leadership.

Dr. Eller conducts informative and engaging seminars and workshops across North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. In a addition to his work in the education sector, John conducts leadership seminars and serves as an executive coach for many US government agencies, educators, and businesses. He consistently gets rave reviews from his audiences because of his inspiring message of hope and clear strategies for success.

Dr. Eller is co-author of two popular books on the topics of trauma-sensitive instruction:

Learn more about Dr. John Eller and connect!

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