Self-Management Courses

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Time management is a skill that can be learned to take back control of your schedule, connect the activities of your daily life to your personal and professional goals and live the life you choose. This seminar imparts a new way of looking at time management, and how to most effectively allocate time. It helps participants identify what is holding them back, understand their personal relationship to time, develop big picture goals, and then map these realizations to create an ideal balance.

In this course, participants will become familiar with: the origin of critical thinking, the work of good critical thinkers, essential intellectual values in critical thinking, elements of thought/elements of thought in action, how to jumpstart the critical thinking process, barriers to critical thinking, the four thinking styles, and the five-step problem solving method.

Emotional Intelligence comprises of five key characteristics: self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, and social skills, so it is no secret that workers with high EQ’s are better able to thrive in the workplace and quickly adjust to change. This training teaches participants the effective techniques which make people with high EQ’s powerful in organizations. The course allows employers and employees alike, the ability to harness their Emotional Intelligence capabilities and develop an EQ-in-Action Plan to achieve measurable change.